New Hampshire

Presidential Hopeful Cory Booker Calls for Bipartisanship at ‘Politics and Eggs'

Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker discussed prescription drug prices, racism and bipartisanship Thursday during his speech at the latest "Politics & Eggs" event in New Hampshire, Thursday. 

Beginning his speech by acknowledging bigotry in the U.S., the democratic senator said Americans need to reclaim a sense of patriotism based on love.

"You cannot love your country unless you love your fellow men and women," he said.

Booker said his parents struggled to buy a home in New Jersey because of the racism they faced. He said they were ultimately able to buy their house with the help of an organization that sent white volunteers to bid on the home they were interested in and drop out late in the proceedings so his parents could buy it.

Booker cited the organization's work as an example of patriotism. 

The presidential hopeful also called for more bipartisanship.

"We'd make a mistake in this election if we define ourselves by what we’re against and who we’re against and not what we’re for and who we’re for," he said. "We’d make a mistake in this election if we demonize Republicans."

When asked how he would decrease the cost of prescription pills, Booker said he believes companies should have their patents taken away if they abuse them to increase profits.

Booker, who has represented New Jersey in the Senate since 2013, announced his run for office on Feb. 1. He is the former Newark mayor.

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