Couple Accused of Selling Fake ‘Disney on Ice' Tickets

A Massachusetts couple is accused in a scam in which they sold the same "Disney on Ice" tickets to multiple people.

It all started with a Facebook post requesting $150 for four tickets to Disney on Ice at the TD Garden.

"The guy told me they were still available and he could meet me wherever," said Steven Perez of Northbridge.

Perez met Kevin Wood in a Walmart parking lot in Northbridge Tuesday and bought the tickets for his 9-year-old daughter.

"They were printed on paper, so I assumed they were legitimate," Perez said.

Ariel Cierpich saw the same post and she, too, was told the tickets were available. She was planning to take her friend Tyler Marengo's 2-year-old son Ryan to the show.

"He was so excited, he was so excited to see Disney on Ice, he was so excited," said Marengo.

But when Cierpich met Wood in a McDonald's parking lot in Northbridge to purchase them, she knew something wasn't right.

"When he left, I went to message him and say 'thank you so much,' and he had me blocked," Cierpich explained.

Cierpich reached out to another woman who had shown interest in buying the tickets.

"She says the guy says they're still for sale," said Cierpich.

So the two women went to Northbridge police and set up a sting operation in the Shaws parking lot, where an undercover officer purchased the same tickets a third time from Wood and his girlfriend, Miranda Paille.

The Blackstone couple was arrested, the fake tickets confiscated and the money was returned to the victims.

But they say it was about more than just the money.

"They were doing something scummy to kids," said Cierpich. "Like, come on!"

After Wood and Paille were arrested Wednesday, they were charged with larceny. Both remain in custody on bail.

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