Couple Gets Married in Worcester During Snowstorm

"Love keeps us warm," said the newly married Mrs. Amanda Kane

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As the state of Massachusetts gets hit with a strong snowstorm, one couple in Worcester did not let the weather stop them from getting married.

Amanda and Ryan Kane got married on Friday morning in Worcester City Hall as multiple inches of snow was falling right outside.

"It was great. It was everything we wanted. The snow storm made it great. I'm so happy," said Mrs. Kane.

Her husband, Ryan Kane, said they checked in with Worcester City Hall on Thursday regarding whether the City Hall would stay open on Friday with the storm taking place.

"We didn't get the feeling they were going to close so we felt pretty good about it," said Mr. Kane.

Mrs. Kane said she wore a special coat on her wedding day in honor of her father, who passed away in 2019. Kane said her father told her to always wear the jacket when she got cold, so today was the perfect day to wear the jean jacket.

"Love keeps us warm," said Mrs. Kane.

Amanda and Ryan Kane got married at Worcester City Hall Friday in the middle of the snow storm.
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