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Court Docs: How Coleman Allegedly Kidnapped Correia, Transported Her Body

Surveillance video showed Louis Coleman carrying a limp body, consistent with Jassy Correia's description, into his apartment building in Providence two hours after she went missing

Surveillance cameras from Boston to Providence captured the movements of Louis D. Coleman III from Saturday night to Thursday afternoon, during which time the 32-year-old allegedly kidnapped a Massachusetts woman.

Jassy Correia was out celebrating her birthday with friends Saturday night at Venu Nightclub in Boston when she went missing. The 23-year-old mother, from Lynn, was last seen alive on surveillance video getting into Coleman's red sedan.

U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling revealed details about the case against Coleman at a press conference Sunday afternoon in Boston. Lelling established a timeline of the suspect's movements from the time Correia went missing until her body was found in Coleman's trunk.

About two hours after Correia went missing, surveillance footage from Coleman's apartment building in Providence shows him carrying a body with long hair and clothing consistent with Correia's description.

Surveillance video goes on to show Coleman drop the victim on the floor and drag her towards the elevator.

In the following days, surveillance cameras captured Coleman leave his apartment and return with Walmart shopping bags. Video surveillance from a Walmart in Providence shows Coleman purchasing several items.

Coleman was also caught on camera entering his apartment building with what appeared to be a new, large suitcase. A few hours later, video shows him  wheeling the suitcase out of his apartment building and to his car, where he appeared to have difficulty lifting it into the trunk.

Additional surveillance video showed Coleman on several occasions exiting his apartment building with other items, including trash bags, cardboard boxes, a bottle of bleach, a laptop case, a computer tower and a small duffle bag.

Coleman was charged Sunday with kidnapping, resulting in death. He is set to appear in federal court in Delaware on Monday, March 4, and he will be transferred to Massachusetts at a later date. 

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