Court Documents: Cop Threatened to Kill Responding Officers in Standoff

A Massachusetts police officer threatened to kill responding officers during a standoff that began Monday night at his Raynham home, according to court documents.

Keith Wilbur, 51, an officer in Quincy, is on administrative leave after he barricaded himself inside his home on Britton Street. His wife called police when she couldn't reach him all day Monday.

When he came home, apparently intoxicated, he was allegedly upset that she was talking to police.

"Do not come down the stairs," he told officers, according to court records. "I will murder you and then kill myself."

"Without warning, Keith shot a round of ammunition up the stairs and through the door," the court records state.

Police say Wilbur had about 74 firearms registered in his name.

The NBC Boston Investigators have learned Wilbur is a retired Air Force veteran who mainly worked as a dispatcher for Quincy police. He has served on the department for 18 years without any significant incident on his record before now.

Wilbur and his wife have had issues recently, according to court records. Family members told the Investigators he had a back injury in the last year, which may have contributed to some of the stress in his life.

Wilbur was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of assault with intent to murder.

Cynthia Wilbur, Keith's mom, defended him outside of court.

"I mean, it was just something that happened. Everybody has their bad times," she said.

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