Court Documents Reveal Disturbing Details of Teacher Accused of Indecent Exposure at Walmart

Police say Jared Anzelone exposed himself in the bathroom of the Bellingham Walmart on Monday

Court documents have revealed disturbing details regarding a Massachusetts elementary school teacher who was arrested and charged in connection with an indecent exposure incident in a Walmart.

Jared Anzelone, 40, of Bellingham, was charged with open and gross lewdness, indecent exposure, accost/annoy another person and lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct at his arraignment Wednesday in Milford District Court. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

According to court documents, when a juvenile employee at the Walmart in Bellingham went into a bathroom stall Tuesday, Anzelone allegedly slide part of his lower body under the wall from the neighboring stall to show the juvenile he was masturbating.

The employee ran from the bathroom and Anzelone left the store quickly.

Anzelone, an elementary school teacher, was identified when Bellingham police posted surveillance pictures of him on the department’s Facebook page. Some people who identified him were fellow teachers.

Anzelone has been placed on paid administrative leave from Woodland Elementary School pending the result of the investigation, according to Milford Public Schools Superintendent Kevin McIntyre.

"A faculty member was arrested and charged with actions that are unbecoming of a teacher today in Bellingham, Massachusetts," McIntyre said. "These accusations and charges are very concerning. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of the students in our care."

McIntrye said school officials are working collaboratively with both local law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families.

Anzelone denied all of the charges against him in court. He was released on personal recognizance and ordered to stay away from anyone under the age of 17. He's due back in court June 11.

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