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Coyote, Moose or Chupacabra? Strange Animal Spotted Near New Hampshire School

A local police department's Facebook post prompted some wild speculation

A New Hampshire police department's Facebook post has prompted some wild speculation about an odd looking animal spotted near a local school.

Merrimack Police posted a photo of a scrawny animal spotted on Tuesday morning on Baboosic Lake Road near the Upper Elementary School. They said the animal is most likely a coyote, and New Hampshire Fish and Game advised them to leave it alone since it isn't menacing or vicious.

The animal's unusual appearance had many of the department's Facebook followers commenting on what they think it is.

"Creepy photo," said Deb Carter.

"Looks like a zombie dog!" added Tim O'Keefe. "Still feel bad for it though. I hope it is ok."

Lori Ann remarked t hat the animal "looks like roadkill that got up and walked away."

Others said the beast looked like a hyena, a red fox with mange or even a tiny moose.

Several people noted that it bears a striking resemblance to the legendary creature known as the chupacabra.

Coleen Manning Linke said she saw a similar creature in her driveway a few years ago. "That thing still haunts me."

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