Crews Deal With Downed Trees and Power Lines After Nor'easter

As the snow subsides, cleanup crews are surveying the damage left behind on roads and outside homes in Massachusetts.

"We've had a dozen calls," said Steven Stewart of Cambridge Landscape.

Reports of fallen trees flooded companies around the state, many still grappling with cleanup from the previous storm.

"It's busy," explained Stewart. "All we are doing is cleaning up so people can walk by, and make sure the roads are clear."

But trees that knocked out power lines Wednesday night still sat in some streets in Arlington on Thursday. At the corner of Dickson Street, a fallen tree even sparked a fire when it collided with electrical wires.

"It was severe. Right at the time when the fire department came the power got knocked out and it's been out until five minutes ago," said Praveen Sharma, who came out to assess the damage with his daughter.

Despite the outages, many around Boston felt fortunate the damage was not worse, especially after seeing the impacts recent weather has had on coastal communities.

"This March has been tough no question about it. But we will be fine," said Arlington resident, Harry Hunt.

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