Massive Fire Destroys House in Newton

A fire broke out Friday night on Grey Cliff Road in Newton, Massachusetts

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Fire officials are investigating the cause of a massive fire that destroyed a home Friday night in Newton, Massachusetts.

The fire broke out around 10:30p.m. at a two-story wood-frame house on Grey Cliff Road. Firefighters from Newton and the surrounding towns fought the flames all night.

No one was injured. The homeowners were away on vacation when the fire broke out, officials said.

According to Newton deputy police chief Eric Fricke, several thousand gallons of water were needed per minute to fight the flames on the large home. There is only one water main on the street and firefighters had a difficult time getting enough water to the top of the hill, he said.

"We had a total collapse of the house," said Fricke. "That makes it very hard for us to get some of the hot spots and places where it's still smoldering and burning underneath the roof."

"Crews have been here all night just trying to access enough of those parts of the house, trying to find places where they can put water through holes and make sure it's all out," said Fricke.

Fire officials are now working to determine how the fire started.

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