Crews Remove Dump Truck Following Collapse at Quincy Parking Garage

Forty cars were stuck in the complex following the partial collapse

The dump truck that fell part way through the roof of a parking garage in Quincy, Massachusetts, on Wednesday was lifted from the hole by a crane on Thursday, but some 40 vehicles remained trapped in the structure. 

Footage of the recovery showed crew members supervising the effort before the truck was successfully removed by a large crane around 4 a.m. It was hauled away on a flatbed truck.

The roof of multilevel parking garage at Furnace Brook Parkway and Copeland Street partially collapsed Wednesday when the driver of the truck attempted to make a U-turn. 

The driver said he was trying to get to Interstate 93 and following directions from a GPS app when it instructed him to go into the parking complex. The weight of the truck apparently caused the partial collapse.

Although the driver fell with the truck, no injuries were reported in connection to the incident.

Because the garage was structurally compromised, the multiple medical offices that use the garage had to remain closed on Thursday.

"We had an appointment that was important to our family today and it was canceled," one patient said. "We weren't notified ahead of time. So we drove here."

The foreman on the job was hoping to have all the vehicles in the structure out by Friday afternoon, Quincy police said in a tweet, adding, "He said it will be a stretch but he thinks he can get it done."

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