4th of July

Crowds Flock to Humarock Beach, Back Open for July 4 Festivities

The crowds in the area are such a concern that a holiday tradition at Humarock — the "Humaflock" — almost did not happen Wednesday

For the first time in two years, Humarock Beach in Scituate will be open to the public for July Fourth festivities.

Police were forced to close it down in the past after rowdy crowds led to public safety concerns. Fights, bonfires and underage drinking had Scituate police making close to 40 arrests on the night of July 3 in both 2015 and 2016.

After that, police limited beach access on that night to residents only.

"I had three fires on the side here and I had people urinating behind my garage," resident Brad Langmaid said. "After the closure, the last two years were delightful."

News that the closure will no longer be happening is not sitting well with some residents, but police believe they have a plan.

"We’re not going to tolerate any drinking, rowdiness, fighting or vandalism. There will be a heavy law enforcement presence down there," Scituate Police Det. Lt. Paul Norton said.

The crowds in the area are such a concern that a holiday tradition at Humarock almost did not happen Wednesday. Organizers of the "Humaflock" event, where residents float down the river together, were told they did not have the proper permits.

"They took away the bonfires a few years ago and now they’re taking away just floating down the river, but it’s not going to happen," resident Mike Graffeo said. "They can’t keep us from flocking."

A few hundred revelers went rogue and had the event anyway Wednesday, under the close eye of Scituate police officers.

Police are reminding anyone who goes to Humarock for the festivities that large bonfires are banned. Small camp fires are still allowed, but can be no bigger than a hula hoop.

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