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DA: No Foul Play in Drowning Death of Boston Boy

There was no foul play in the drowning death of a 7-year-old boy at a South Boston community center last year, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

Police say Kyzr Willis was last seen near the bathhouse by the water at the Curley Community Center and accidentally drowned in the afternoon of July 26.

Willis was one of 56 children supervised by about 30 staff members. 


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According to lifeguards, the tide was coming in around the time Willis was seen last, raising the water level and making the current stronger.

Investigation shows Willis made his way back to the water without staff supervision and drowned. His body was found in the water.

The DA's office says the investigation was completed last year, but was extended after the Willis family reported a tipster claimed to have seen Willis with an unknown man across the harbor; however, investigations believe the child the tipster saw was not Willis.

City officials announced a series of safety improvements at the center to prevent another tragedy.

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