Damage Left by String of BB Gun Shootings Dumbfounds People in Mass. Towns

"Like, how in the world? Who did this? And why? And then I called the cops," said one man whose SUV's windows were shattered

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A restaurant owner and several drivers in two Massachusetts communities found their cars or windows riddled with projectiles on Monday, in one case causing thousands of dollars in damage.

John Wilson, who owns JD's Restaurant on North Washington Street in North Attleboro, found five BB pellet holes in his window when he arrived at work to open shortly after 5 a.m.

"It's not the way to start your Monday morning, right after Father's Day," he said. "What a way to wake up for it."

Wilson estimated the the damage could cost him as much as $2,000 to fix.

A couple blocks away on Peterson Street, James Henley found his SUV's windows shattered and projectile holes in his windshield.

"I was just a little dumbfounded. Like, how in the world? Who did this? And why? And then I called the cops," he said.

On East Street, which is also close to the diner, at least three cars were hit overnight.

A similar incident was also reported in Norton, where a woman said a BB hit the side of her car on West Main Street.

It's still unclear if the Norton incident is connected to what happened in North Attleboro.

North Attleboro police didn't respond to a request for comment.

Norton police said they only had the one incident.

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