Tango by Moonlight on the Weeks Bridge in Cambridge

Cambridge has the perfect event to impress a first date, or prove to your friends that you have some dancing skills.

The Tango Society of Boston hosts “Tango by the Moonlight” on the Weeks Pedestrian Bridge every full moon from May to October. Argentine Tango professionals, amateurs and anyone that passes by can join in on Tango lessons and dancing under the moonlight.

Dancers Tango across the bridge as the sun sinks and the moon rises along a scene that rivals any romantic movie. Perfect views of the city and the moon above make this outdoor dancing experience one of the best in Boston.

"The best part of dancing Tango here is that, on a moonlit night, you can see the full moon very clearly from Peabody Towers, glancing across the sky over the river," said director of Tango by the Moonlight Clifton Chow.

A river with a moonlight view is a common theme in Tango music and Chow sees this as a way to bring that magic to life.

On these moonlit nights, Chow can be seen dancing the night away with other professionals and showing newbies the ropes. Unsuspecting couples walking by on a date night may find themselves getting an impromptu dance lesson.

"We were just walking along the river and saw some people dancing up here," said Rohan Shirali after he joined in a Tango lesson with his girlfriend. "I’ve never tangoed before, it is not something that is in my comfort zone necessarily, but I didn’t feel intimidated."

Dancers begin around 7:30 p.m. and tango the night away until around 11 p.m. (or the moonlight wanes.) For more information, visit The Tango Society of Boston website.

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