What David Ortiz Means to His Fans

As Red Sox fans bid Big Papi farewell, many are reflecting on the legacy he leaves behind. Some of our viewers shared their photos and stories.

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Katie Dorren
"Circa 2008. I'm going to miss watching Big Papi play. He's the best! His passion, his heart and his talent will be missed."
Chris Barrette
"Kellen and Chase from Sandwich wearing Ortiz backpacks at Fenway! Honoring the greatest player!"
Diana Marshall
"I went thru my archives and these are my only Ortiz pictures from May 1 2014."
Joe Crowley
"Last night's Red Sox game against White Sox. David didn't do too well last night but special game for my 13-year-old daughter I won the tickets on WEEI and spent the evening with [Glenn] Ordway, [Lou] Merloni and [Christian] Fauria."
Louann Santos
"I actually have a really good story of David Ortiz from when I met him at a meet and greet at work back in August of 2005. It was a private event through my old job. My grandfather had just passed away and he was a huge Red Sox fan. I decided to bring something with me that was my grandfather's in hopes that I'd be able to give it to David. When it was my turn to sit down at the table with David for my autograph I decided that would be my opportunity. I pulled out the cross and told David that my grandfather had just passed away and would be honored if David had the cross. I will never forget the look on David's face and the big bear hug that he gave me. I shed a few tears. I will NEVER forget that moment! I'm SURE my grandfather was smiling down from Heaven! David Ortiz is humble and kind! He is a people person, who obviously loves his fans as much as we love and adore HIM! My dad is also a huge David Ortiz fan and was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of Parkinson's disease called multiple system atrophy. It's aggressive. Needless to say I try to soak in anything Red Sox and Patriots related with my dad for as long as we have him. When dad heard David was retiring it made him very sad! I told him that one day we will get dad the chance to meet him after he retires, and that is now officially on my bucket list for dad. Thank you David for being the person that you are! We all love and adore you very much!!!"
Peggy Farren
"I put this flag at the makeshift Marathon Bombing Memorial on the afternoon that David Ortiz said, 'this is our (bleeping) city.' I remember thinking that he spoke for all Bostonians that day. When I went back weeks later, it was re-positioned to a more visible spot. "
Rik D
"We have enjoyed 'Big Papi' David Ortiz's stellar career for all the years he has been with the Red Sox. When he would hit a home run, we'd yell 'YAY Papi!' - our excited cocker spaniel whom we called most often 'Puppy' would think we were praising him and bark enthusiastically! On a trip to Cape Ann, my interest in ancient New England led me to explore the oldest lobster shack in Rockport. I was surprised to find inside a kind of shrine to 'Big Papi' among the lobster buoys hung on the wall amidst the old timber framing. David Ortiz has become an enduring character - part of our New England history!"
Susan Farb
From June 2014
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