Meet the 2018 Massachusetts Candidates

The Massachusetts primary election is Sept. 4, and there are quite a few races to keep an eye on around the Bay State.

Check out our interviews with the candidates below:

Massachusetts 1st Congressional District

Tahirah Amatul Wadud

Tahirah Amatul Wadud is challenging U.S. Rep. Richard Neal for the Democratic nomination for the Bay State's 1st Congressional District. She says she's running "because the people of the 1st Congressional District are really struggling and really suffering," pointing to higher-than-average rates of unemployment and uninsured, along with lower wages compared the rest of the state.

Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District

State Sen. Barbara L'Italien

A homicide investigation is underway in Milford, Massachusetts, according to law enforcement sources.

State Sen. Barbara L'Italien is a Democrat running to replace Niki Tsongas in Congress. L'Italien says her platform for the 1st Congressional District includes education, better-paying jobs and good housing. Click here for Alison King's one-on-one interview with L'Italien on "kitchen table" politics.

Dan Koh

Chris Sale will become the first pitcher to make consecutive All-Star starts representing different teams.

Dan Koh was Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's chief of staff before he stepped down to run for Congress in the Bay State's 3rd Congressional District. Koh says his family's Lebanese and Korean roots have inspired his candidacy, and adds Congress can do more to help people achieve the American dream.

Rufus Gifford

Protesters from across the country will be in Washington Saturday for the Women’s March, and many are coming from Boston.

Rufus Gifford's interesting resume includes a stint as the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, but what does he hope to accomplish for voters in Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District? He says he was troubled by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and wants to protect climate and trade policies.

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Massachusetts 7th Congressional District

Ayanna Pressley

Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley is making headlines with her primary campaign against incumbent Democratic Congressman Michael Capuano in the state's only minority-majority congressional district.

Massachusetts 8th Congressional District

Brianna Wu

Among the 23 guns found in the Las Vegas hotel room of the man accused of killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 others, was a semi-automatic rifle that was modified to sustain the firepower of an automatic weapon. A Woburn, Massachusetts, police captain illustrates how a “bump stock” was used to convert the weapon. 

Brianna Wu, a software engineer, is running against Rep. Stephen Lynch in the Massachusetts 8th Congressional District Democratic primary. If elected, she says she will address economic inequality and cybersecurity issues.

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