Defendant Claimed Self Defense in Murder of South Boston Doctors

The recording of Bampumim Teixeira played right after gruesome testimony from the medical examiner

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The man accused of murdering two South Boston doctors told police he killed one of the victims in act of self defense, according to an interview played aloud at his double murder trial Thursday.

Bampumim Teixeira is on trial for the killings of Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos. The engaged couple was found dead in their South Boston penthouse in May of 2017.

In an interview with Sergeant Detective Michael Devane, Teixeira said he was invited to the penthouse by Bolanos. He said he had an affair with her when he was a concierge in the building and blamed her death on Field, who he said came home and became enraged. Teixeira said he killed Field in an act of self defense.

“He said he was going to kill us both,” Teixeira whispered to police from his hospital bed.

The victims’ families shook their heads as they listened. The recording played right after gruesome testimony from the medical examiner.

Dr. Richard Atkinson testified that both victims died from stab wounds, but Bolanos had significantly more signs of trauma.

“There were 24 total sharp force injuries on all sides of her neck,” Dr. Atkinson said.


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Dr. Atkinson also testified that there was bruising around the couples’ wrists, consistent with being bound or handcuffed.

A DNA expert also took the stand and testified that the couples’ blood was found all over the shirt Teixeira was wearing as well as on the kitchen knives that prospectors said he used to stab the doctors to death.

Teixeira’s attorney has yet to say if he will take the stand in his own defense. The judge said the jury could begin deliberating this case as early as Monday.

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