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NH Woman Speaks Out After Theft of Her Mother's Tires

A Facebook post on a Derry, New Hampshire, community page is picking up steam.

A frustrated daughter wrote the post after her mom's Honda Accord had all four wheels stolen overnight Tuesday.

"To the absolute scum that decided to destroy her hard earned possession, I sincerely hope the drug fix was worth it," the post read, in part.

"They put half of it on a dummy jack and then the other half on some cinder blocks and then somewhere this morning, it fell off on one side, so it landed on the cinder blocks and completely dented the frame," said Brittany Leavitt.

Leavitt said it happened at The Fairways Apartments where her mom lives.

"She works so hard for that car," Leavitt said. "She works every day of her life trying to afford the car."

That mom, who was still upset Wednesday, says she couldn't get to work in the morning.

She works in Andover, supervising people with special needs.

She's had the Accord for less than a year, and her daughter says she makes sure she does everything she can to protect it.

"I just wanted people to become aware of it," Leavitt said.

She says that's she posted on Facebook.

"I had no idea that it was going to get so many comments and personal experiences, people reaching out, how it happened to them," she said.

Leavitt hopes for more security and maybe cameras at the apartment complex.

"People just have no respect," she said. "It doesn't matter where you park, where you live in Derry, it's everywhere."

The victim has insurance and now has a rental car to get to work on Thursday.

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