Discarded Smoking Materials Lead to Fire Response at Bedford VA Hospital

Discarded smoking materials may be the cause of a smoldering fire at the VA Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts Friday afternoon.

Firefighters responded to the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital on Springs Road at 3:37 p.m. after a fire alarm was activated.

When crews arrived, smoke was observed on the first floor of the building, then discovered on the second and third floors.

Firefighters helped hospital staff relocate patients to a separate area of the hospital until crews determined that the smoke was coming from a void space between the building and a stairway.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the smoke condition was the result of smoking materials that were discarded near a debris pile in the void space, according to fire officials.

The area was cleared a few hours later and no injuries were reported.

"I commend our firefighters for helping support a safe and orderly evacuation, while also determining the root of the problem and preventing any serious damage," said Bedford Fire Chief David Grunes.

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