Investigation Into Dead Baby's Body Now Spans 3 States

The investigation into the discovery of a dead baby's body that turned up at a recycling facility now spans three states.

Tuesday morning, a worker at a recycling plant in Stamford, Connecticut, found the baby boy on a conveyor belt. It's not clear how he got there, or how he died.

Investigators said the recyclables at the facility comes from five different towns including Andover.

"If there is anybody in the Andover area or the Greater Lawrence Area that may have any information we would like to hear from them," said Lt. Edward Guy of Andover Police.

According to Guy, the recyclables are picked up by a contractor then brought to a plant to be sorted. Some of the recyclables are then brought to the facility in Connecticut.

Guy said they have received no tips about who the mother is.

Since 2004, Massachusetts has had the "Safe Haven Act.' It allows a parent to legally surrender a newborn under the age of seven days. The baby has to be dropped off at a hospital, police station or manned fire station without criminal prosecution.

"Obviously somebody was in some sort of distress when they did this," said Guy. "Hopefully their emotions won't get the better of them and they will speak about what happened and we can get them the assistance they need."

There are four other towns where the recyclables at the plant come from, located in Connecticut and New York.

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