‘Disheartening': Theft of Mayoral Candidate's Sign Caught on Camera

A campaign sign for a mayoral candidate in Brockton, Massachusetts, was stolen, and the crime was captured on camera.

Mayoral candidate Jimmy Pereira said the sign that was stolen cost $125.

"I think it's disheartening to see someone behave in this manner," Pereira said. "The fact that our supporters made the donations they provide, and this being a grass roots effort, it made me distraught."

The sign was stolen from one of the busiest intersections in Brockton.

"I want to send a message to my supporters to make sure we do not retaliate and make sure we are cordial," Pereira said.

Meanwhile, Brockton's incumbent mayor Bill Carpenter says in a statement:

"I had no prior knowledge of the removal or disappearance of a Pereira campaign sign nor do I have any knowledge of who has vandalized or stolen at least 40 of our large 4 x 8 campaign signs," incumbent Mayor Bill Carpenter said in a statement. "Additionally, we have lost over 100 small lawn signs ... it is unfortunate that these type of political dirty tricks surface during a campaign."

Pereira echoed that sentiment.

"In politics, especially in the current climate we have globally, nationally and locally, we want to make sure we are showing good sportsmanship," Pereira said. "We need to be fair, respectful."

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