DIY Last Minute Southie Inspired Halloween Costumes

#7/#9 Bus Commuter. Wear your business casual and backpack. Don’t forget your iPhone and Air pods. Add a travel mug and a general pissed off look of frustration. This might best work as a group costume – like 50 to 75 people deep all clustered at a bus stop. You can spend the night looking at your phone or staring in the distance for a bus that will never come.

Ride Share of Shame. Put on your going out duds and roll around in your bed before heading out. For the female, bedhead and smudge eye liner is a must. Borrow a gentleman’s North Face or hoodie and try to camouflage your going to da club dress but realize you’re not fooling anyone. For the male, untucked dress shirt, the tell tale Gatorade in hand, and a look of regret does the trick.

Clueless Dog Owner. Bring your dog everywhere. Who cares if your dog is not a service dog? Bring him in Starbucks. Bring her in Walgreens and Boston Bagel Co. Look at your phone and pretend like you don’t see your dog peeing on someone’s stoop.

The Clowns in the White Van. Put a retro spin on your Halloween and revisit the old urban myth of the late 1970’s in Southie with the Clowns in the White Van.

Sunday/Funday Reveler.  Put on your best Patriots/Country Sunday garb and get wrecked. Stagger around the streets of Southie holding a burrito from Lee Chen’s and an open container. Yell really loud and steal people’s pumpkins from their stoop.

Southie Turkey. Everyone knows that loveable rascal that struts our neighborhood streets. Add a scally cap and shell toe Adidas to your turkey costume and you’re all set.

The Yuppie/Local Couple. We realize this duo is most likely a rarity, but why not dress up as yuppie and life-long local couple. The yuppie can carry a Starbucks cup and a yoga mat and pay an exorbitant amount for rent. The local can wear a “Southie Pop Warner” sweatshirt, scratch tickets in their back pocket, and scowl of disapproval. Bicker all night about things like whether to go to dinner at The Seapoint or Lincoln, the rules of double parking and whether Southie is better now or way back when.

Edgar Allan Poe. Perfect for the Southie history buff. Author Edgar Allen Poe once served in the army at Fort Independence at Castle Island in the 1827. While there, he heard a “true story” of soldiers burying an officer in the wall alive, which inspired him to write The Cask of Amontillado. Wear your best black suit and cravat, carry around a copy of The Raven and get drunk.

Feel free to add to our list!


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