Dog Found Abandoned in Cage in Woods of Leicester

Police are looking to find the person who abandoned a dog in a wooded area in Leicester, Massachusetts.

The pit bull was found inside a cage Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. by a logger working in the area of Moosehill Road.

The logger told police the dog had a collar with no tags on it and a leash. There was a bag with a can of dog food on top of the cage when he found it.

Police said the logger brought the dog to an area closer to the road in hopes the animal's owner would come back. That's when ninth graders Sam Rice and Brady Thebeau were riding their bikes and spotted the animal.

"The dog was really sad," said Thebeau, 14. "As soon as he saw us, his tail was wagging. He seemed really excited to see some help."

The teens took the dog home and Stephanie Rice, Sam's mom, helped them give it a bath.

"The crate was covered in dog feces," said Stephanie Rice. "The dog was covered in feces, looked like it had cigarette burns all over the side and on his back, goo coming from his eyes."

After washing the animal, the trio gave the dog food and water.

"He was just crying because he wanted attention," said Stephanie Rice. "As soon as somebody sat down with him, he calmed down and just wanted to play."

The dog, estimated to be 4-5 months old, was then turned over to the Leicester Animal Control Officer.

Authorities said the dog had what appeared to be numerous insect bites on it when it was found.

Leicester Police are currently investigating the incident as a potential case of animal abandonment and animal cruelty.

The boys are hoping the pit bull will find a nice home.

"I find it sort of sad that someone would do that to a dog," said Thebeau. "A dog that cute especially."

Anyone with information on the dog's owner is asked to contact the Leicester Crime Tip Hotline at 508-892-7010 and select option No. 7.

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