Dog Rescued After Becoming Stuck Under Driver's Seat of Owner's Car

First responders in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, rescued Casper, a poodle who was stuck under a car seat on the way to be groomed

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Emergency crews in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, were confronted with an unusual rescue Tuesday morning, as they had to dismantle a car to rescue a dog who got stuck under the driver's seat.

"We noticed right after we left the house that Casper was under the back seat, and we could only see his back legs," said Clarisse Fairbanks, Casper's owner.

Fairbanks had just gotten coffee and was starting her birthday morning by bringing her two dogs the groomers, when the day took an unexpected turn.

"Before we knew he was stuck, we had put the seat forwards and backwards a lot, so his hair got caught in the track of how you move your seat back and forth, and his head got stuck between the two metal bars," she said.

Fairbanks, who was not able to pull him out, called 911.

Lt. Josh Benoit of the Fairhaven Fire Department was one of the first firefighters on scene along with Fairhaven Police and Fairhaven Animal Control.

"The dog essentially got sucked into the gearing of the adjustment motors of that seat, causing the hair and skin to get wrapped and encased in the mechanisms under there," said Benoit.


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Benoit thinks Casper got wedged under the seat trying to snack on some dropped popcorn.

First responders had Casper's owners drive to New England Animal Hospital, where an emergency vet came in and sedated Casper.

"He was having some difficulty breathing when he was under there, so his breathing was raspy, so it was very scary," Fairbanks said.

Firefighters them removed the seat and they were able to move Casper's head and pull him out.

After spending some time at the New England Animal Hospital for observation, Casper was released. He has some cuts and bruises on his head, and the fur on his head has been shaved, but he's back home, where he got sleep and some dinner.

Fairbanks is just thankful her birthday ended on a high note, and is thanking all the first responders.

"It was a really good present not to have him hurt. And for a while, everyone said to me, 'He's OK for now, he's OK for now.' It was really a difficult morning to get through and not know if he was OK," she said.

"I get the love and compassion for our animals, and a lot of times, they're innocent and they give you that unconditional love, and today's world, we need that," Benoit said.

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