New Hampshire

Dog Returns From Adventure Around NH

After a weekslong adventure around New Hampshire, a dog who got away from his owner in Auburn is back home.

Popeye, an 8-year-old English Setter, escaped from a car outside Dunkin' Donuts on Granite Street June 2, leading to a journey that lasted nearly a month and left the dog 12 pounds lighter and with a broken leg.

The dog slipped out of a window and ended up wandering around the Manchester area for 23 days.

Jill Morrison, the dog's owner, hired an advertising agency and launched a social media campaign to help find the dog. She also plastered the area with missing posters.

Although she received several calls about possible sightings, none of them panned out.

Then, on Monday, she received a call from a man in neighboring Goffstown, who said Popeye wandered into his yard on Peppermint Street.

Someone who saw the flyer on social media connected Morrison with the man. When she arrived, Morrison reunited with her emaciated dog.

Popeye is expected to be OK.

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