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Investigation Underway After Surveillance Video Captures Man Tossing Dog Off Wareham Bridge

Surveillance video shows a man toss his dog off an Onset Avenue bridge in Wareham and then jump off the ledge himself

Surveillance video shows a man toss his dog off a bridge near Onset Beach Friday night, an incident that has triggered an investigation and prompted public outrage.

The video, which was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera, shows the man throw the dog off the roughly 12-foot Onset Avenue bridge and then jump off the ledge himself.

“I didn’t think twice about it,” said eyewitness Adam Flug, who’s on vacation from New York. “I thought this is what everyone did around here.”

Others were upset about the incident.

“It’s awful; it makes us all so sad,” said Sarah Cecil, who manages Stonebridge Bar and Grill.

She said the dog ran into her restaurant after it got out of the water.

"By the time I came back in, the dog had gone up these stairs here and came in behind the bar," she said.

The town prohibits bridge jumping, according to a sign posted on the bridge.

Wareham police say they haven’t been notified about the incident yet. The Department of Natural Resources said it’s investigating the dog's owner.

The dog is OK, according to officials.

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