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Trump Supporters, Opponents Face Off at N.H. Rally

The visit comes a day after he announced his presidential campaign

Surrounded by a group of vocal supporters and opponents Wednesday, Donald Trump insisted in his first New Hampshire visit since announcing his presidential campaign, that he can't be coerced, because he doesn't need anyone's money.

Trump was at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire. Opponents faced off with his supporters, and there was one really candid conversation between the crowd and the candidate.

One man was arrested before Trump even took the podium.

"Maybe people don't like my smile, maybe they don't like my hair - which is real, by the way, look at that," Trump said before having a woman check to prove it was not a toupee.

On his second campaign stop as an official presidential candidate, Trump also shared his thoughts on health care.

"You want to really know the truth, there wont be any Obamacare with Trump," he said.

Trump tried to convince the Granite State crowd that his fortune sets him apart from other candidates, promising he'll never be coerced by lobbysist because, he said frankly, he doesn't need anyone's money.

"When they come to see me, you know what I say, right? 'Bye bye!' I go, 'Bye bye,' or 'You're fired," said Trump.

But Trump's fame as a real estate mogul and TV star is why some voters are having a hard time taking him seriously.

"He's a joke," said Jason Paul of Massachusetts. "Honestly, he's the biggest egomaniac I have ever seen in my life."

Others say it's his policies that turn them off. But supporters say it's time for change and that they're encouraged to see someone other than a career politician running for president.

"I think a lot of people are tired of politicians, and them spewing same story over and over and over again," said Maureen Ayotte of Manchester.

"He is one of best businessman that America has ever known," said Ginny Walcott of Georgia.

"I love New Hampshire, and the people of New Hampshire seem to like me," said Trump.

The candidate certainly was candid Wednesday evening, even calling people out on bad questions - at one point, he even asked, "What the hell kind of question was that?"

Supporters say they love him because he's a straight shooter, while opponents say they're offended by him.

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