Dorchester Coach Arrested After ‘Melee' During Youth Football Game: Chicopee Police

A coach from the Boston team was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct

The coach of a Boston youth football team was arrested after a "melee" appeared to break out on the field of a game played at Chicopee Comprehensive High School on Saturday afternoon, police said.

More than 20 people were holding back adults who seemed to be fighting on the field of a game between a team from Chicopee and a team from Boston, according to a Chicopee police officer who was working an extra detail on the scene.

As more Chicopee officers arrived to clear and restore calm, a coach from the Boston team, 28-year-old Daniel McKoy of Dorchester, refused to cooperate, Officer Michael Wilk of the Chicopee Police Department said in a statement. An officer heard McKoy yell loudly and attempt to provoke others in attendance to fight.

"He was extremely agitated and flailing his arms around, while others were still holding him back," Wilk said in the statement.

McKoy was then placed under arrest on suspicion of disorderly conduct, police said.

Before the incident, coaches on both teams were looking into allegations that players were using racial slurs at each other, according to Wilk.

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