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‘I Was So Desperate': Massachusetts Woman Relieved to Hear Her Family in Bahamas Survived Dorian

'I had a pit in my stomach all day yesterday. I was so desperate,' Susan Cove said

As Hurricane Dorian batters the Bahamas, one family in Dover, Massachusetts, is grateful their loved ones survived.

Susan Cove, who grew up in the Bahamas, still has roughly a dozen family members who live on Man-O-War Cay, including a few siblings and her 88-year-old father. She has not heard from any of them directly since Dorian made landfall.

“It’s been absolutely devastating, just picturing the fear and not being able to help,” Cove said.

She and her sisters who now live in Massachusetts spent hours searching social media for updates. With power out to most of the islands, it is difficult to get any information.

“I had a pit in my stomach all day yesterday. I was so desperate,” Cove said.

The relief came Monday morning when Cove found a website that included a post from someone confirming her family was okay. She does not know any more than that.

“We don’t even know where they are or which house they were in during the eye of the storm,” Cove said.

She does not know if her father’s home or their family dental business survived the storm. The extent of the devastation is still a big question, but Cove said her next trip home will be one to help with recovery.

“My husband is a contractor and we’re hoping he can go down and help,” Cove said. “I’ll do everything in power to help in any way I can. The Bahamians are very resilient so I know they will come together and everyone will rally around.”

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