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Downpours Aim for New England

It's another January thaw.

Last year, we stunned Old Man Winter with a record high of 61 degrees on the 12th of January. This year, we may do it again in Boston. But the old guy has some tricks up his sleeve with this oncoming storm. A rush of cold air will quickly follow the rain, freezing the landscape in a matter of hours early Saturday morning.

First the rain. While the first showers arrive late tonight, tomorrow will be spent in generally light rain. Heavier bouts will hold back until the afternoon and evening as the storm closes in on New England.

Ahead of the rain, the temps surge. Milder air brings in higher dew points (yes, it might feel a little humid), which boosts the capacity of the storm to hose us down with some serious water. Total storm rainfall may be between 1 and 3 inches. This will be enough to cause some street and intersections to flood along with loosening the ice on rivers and streams. Once mobile, the ice could jam, sending water levels up in a matter of minutes. Have a plan if the waters rise quickly around your house and be prepared to evacuate if asked by local authorities.

Rain will exit early on Saturday, but the cold will follow quickly on its heels. Temperatures will crumble through the course of the morning and early afternoon. Rain-washed roads will glaze if left untreated and standing water will freeze solid. Temps should drop to the 20s by afternoon with a steady north wind blowing. Cold will swarm through Gillette too, so expect a wintry feel if you're going.

Chilly air sticks around on Sunday, as we watch the pattern gear up for another potential coastal storm Tuesday-Wednesday.

Guess the Old Man still holds all the cards.

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