Fourth of July Fireworks Delay Has Some Upset in Dracut

For many, fireworks and the Fourth of July go hand in hand, but residents in one Massachusetts town are still waiting for them to go off and they will be waiting awhile.

The annual concert and fireworks display that was supposed to happen at Dracut's Education Complex on Lakewood Avenue back on June 28 did not due to weather conditions. Town officials decided to postpone the event to Aug. 30.

The decision to delay it until closer to the end of the summer has some residents upset.

“It is crazy to do it at the end of August,” resident Brenda Bourque said. “Shame on you Dracut.”

Assistant Town Manager Ann Vandal said the town has had to delay the event in the past. The new date is closer to Labor Day when they figure more people will be in town to celebrate. She also said even if they wanted to, it would be difficult to reschedule the event for any earlier.

“Most of the companies are booked so you really can’t,” Vandal said. “They have other engagements in other communities or what have you so we just can’t.”

Vandal said town officials have received a few phone calls and are apologizing to residents for the inconvenience, but they hope to see everyone at the Education Complex for fireworks later this summer.

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