Woman Accused of Crashing Car Into Brockton Gas Station Faces Numerous Charges

Police identified the driver accused of causing the crash as a 21-year-old woman

The driver accused of crashing her vehicle into a gas station convenience store in Massachusetts is facing several charges, according to officials.

Brockton police said the 21-year-old driver whose car jumped a curb and crashed into a Shell Gas Station store is facing charges that include reckless operation of a car, destruction of property over $1,200 and a marked lanes violation.

The driver, who police have not named, allegedly crashed into the Belmont Street store at about 10 p.m. on Thursday. Police said the vehicle jumped a curb and drove through bushes and the gas station's parking lot before it crashed into the convenience store. 

Authorities said the driver told police she lost control of the vehicle when she sneezed.

"It literally sounded, even my neighbor upstairs said it sounded like it was in the street and that’s why I came out because it sounded like there was a lot of cars involved," neighbor Donna Russano said.

The vehicle's passenger fled the scene with his son before emergency crews arrived, according to Brockton police.

Russano said she saw a woman at the scene whose face was covered with blood.

"She was yelling at some guy to leave. He had a baby," she said. "I guess she didn’t want the baby out here."

The driver was taken to Brockton Hospital with minor injuries, authorities said.  One person was inside the building at the time, but was uninjured.

Brockton police originally said the woman was 24-years-old, but later said she is 21. They also initially reported she was taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center, but later said she was actually taken to Brockton Hospital.

The incident remains under investigation.

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