Driver Crashes Through Milford Dollar Tree Store

A driver plowed through the glass doors and windows of a Dollar Tree store Friday afternoon in Milford, Massachusetts.

"She was in reverse," said the driver's daughter-in-law, Kathy Eaton. "She thought she was in drive. She got even more nervous."

The 93-year-old driver reversed, full throttle, through the front of the store.

There were three employees and three customers inside the store at the time, and nobody was hurt.

Customers arriving at the popular store just after the accident were thankful they weren't here minutes earlier.

"It's scary," said regular customer Sarah Pfeiffer. "It actually kind of reminds me of what happened in Florida, and all the damage to the buildings and stuff."

Investigators drove the car out of the store, which is located on Medway Road, near the new Milford Crossing shopping plaza.

The accident caused all sorts of damage to both the building and the displays.

There appears to be minimal damage to the Chevy Malibu, which remained in the lot after the accident.

The driver and her husband, who was a passenger, were shaken up but not injured. The driver was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

The store is closed while repairs are underway. 

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