2 Drivers Plead Not Guilty in Crash That Killed 2 Teens

Adrienne Garrido and Talia Newfield, Needham High School juniors who were best friends, were killed after being hit by two vehicles on Feb. 10, 2018

What to Know

  • A Norfolk County grand jury indicted Dania Antoine-Guiteau and Robert Berry last week in connection with a deadly February crash in Needham.
  • 17-year-old Adrienne Garrido and 16 Talia Newfield, both Needham High School juniors and best friends, died from their injuries.
  • Antoine-Guiteau and Berry face multiple charges, including negligent motor vehicle homicide each.

Two drivers charged with running over and killing two high school students in February have pleaded not guilty.

One of the drivers, 52-year-old Dania Antoine-Guiteau, of Wellesley, told prosecutors she wasn't wearing corrective lenses and mistook one of the victims for a trash bag in the street.

The other driver, 65-year-old Robert Berry, of Needham, discussed his feelings about the crash outside the courthouse Wednesday.

"Every day, I pray for all those affected by this tragedy," Berry said.

The two face charges including negligent motor vehicle homicide.

Antoine-Guiteau left court without comment. One of her friends from church told reporters she is a single mother of two, calling the crash a horrible accident.

"We come to support her to find a graceful decision of the judge, because that was an accident," said Milot Thibault.

Prosecutors say the two were driving separate cars when they struck 16-year-old Talia Newfield and 17-year-old Adrienne Garrido as they crossed the street near Needham High School on Feb. 10.

Berry's car initially struck both victims, followed by Antoine-Guiteau. Both defendants left the court following their arraignments.

"[We're] happy the state's seeking justice for our family, and our family appreciates you respecting our privacy," said Newfield's father, Craig Newfield.

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