NH Driver Stopped With Home Air Conditioner Unit in Van's Window

A New Hampshire driver is coming under fire over his creative way to stay cool.

The man installed a home air conditioner in the back window of his van, attaching a generator to the roof to power it.

Londonderry Police Capt. Patrick Cheetham says he's seen a lot in his 17 years, but he this one is a first.

"One thing I often say about police work is there is no such thing as coincidences, and sometimes you just can't make this stuff up," Cheetham said.

After a passerby saw the van get pulled over in Londonderry, he snapped some photos and posted to Facebook.

Hundreds of people are now commenting on the post, many wondering if it's legal to drive around like that.

"It was securely fixed in that window, from the inside of the vehicle as well, and it wasn't protruding more than six inches, which is also within the statute," Cheetham explained.

Cheetham says the driver was pulled over not for the AC, but for failing to have an inspection sticker.

As it turns out, he had just finished getting the vehicle registered at Londonderry Town Hall and was well within the 10-day grace period. So there was no violation there either.

The biggest question about the AC, though, is, "why?"

NBC10 Boston couldn't reach the driver personally for comment, but he did post on Facebook, saying, in part, "I hooked that up for my dog. It works great, keeps him cool, and safe out of the heat."

The setup is proof that necessity is truly the mother of invention.

While police didn't issue any citations in this case, they say they do not recommend installing a home AC unit in your car.

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