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Police Warn Drivers to Clear Snow, Ice Off Vehicles After Ice Chunk Shatters Ambulance Windshield

Police are reminding drivers to clear snow and ice from their cars after failure to do so led to a serious incident involving an ambulance Wednesday in the North Reading area.

It was a scary moment for the paramedics who were coming back from an emergency call when all of a sudden a chunk of ice came off a tractor trailer in front of them, nailing their windshield.

Nick Lecolst says he had just seconds to react before impact.

"I was in the passengers seat. I ducked to the center not knowing what it was," he says.

The chunk of ice smashed the ambulance's windshield.

"It flew off a tractor trailer truck and almost took out an ambulance," said S. O'Brien, another paramedic.

The paramedics were able to pull over on Route 128, but there was extensive damage.

"It was on the driver's side, it could have come through the windshield, or it could have completely blocked him out, could have lost control," O'Brien said.

Following the accident and the third nor'easter in March, Massachusetts State Police are reminding drivers to remove snow and ice from their vehicles. They tweeted out pictures Wednesday showing cars and trucks that were pulled over for not clearing off the snow.

State police also recorded a tutorial, showing how easy it is to avoid accidents like the ambulance experienced.

"I'm going to give it the old push effect," a state trooper says in the video as he pushes snow off the roof of a car.

Police say the ambulance accident is one that could have been avoided.

"Just make sure you are cautious and clean off the windshield and the top of your vehicles before you drive," the paramedic urged drivers, saying they feel lucky after having a close call of their own.

For a while, the paramedics had to borrow an ambulance from a neighboring town until theirs, Rescue 2, could get fixed.

The driver of the tractor trailer did stay on scene.

Mass State Police are investigating.

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