Drought Conditions Cause Massachusetts Pond to Go Dry

Taunton officials used to fill the pond until a federal environmental rule change

With severe drought conditions around New England, one Massachusetts community needs more than a day's worth of rain to refill a popular pond.

In Taunton, a pond at Memorial Park has completely dried up. City officials said they stopped filling the pond years ago after a federal environmental rule change outlawed the city from using treated water. The pond now relies solely on Mother Nature.

"During the rainy season that thing is filled up to the top," said one resident, as he pointed to the pond.

Resident Ross Martin also remembers when the pond was full.

"Back when I was a kid, I can remember my father and mother bringing us down here as brothers and fishing in this pond," Martin recalled.

The lack of water also means ducks and geese can't swim in the pond.

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