Dry, Cool Air Moves In; Chance of Showers Mid-Week

Heavy rain resulted in flooding in the Philadelphia area last night, but those conditions will stay south of New England as high pressure builds in from Canada, thrusting dry air southward across the border.

In fact, the combination of dry air, a clear sky, and a light wind allowed northern New England to dip all the way to the freezing mark early Monday morning, with Berlin, New Hampshire reporting a low of 32 degrees and frosty 30-degree temperatures from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to Northern Maine.

While dry air cools quickly at night, adding sun makes for a quick rebound today except where the easterly wind comes in from the ocean, holding high temperatures in the 60s at the coast while the interior sails to and beyond 70 for a very comfortable day.

The veil of clouds that began the day for southern New England thins as drier air takes over, and another cool night is expected for our region overnight with lows in the 40s.

A shift in the wind Tuesday comes around the back side of a departing high-pressure cell over the waters east of New England, meaning only Cape Cod and south-facing coasts will experience a wind off the water, so most communities reach 75-80 degrees.

The next chance of showers for New England comes with a disturbance on Wednesday that will increase humidity a bit and swing a frontal boundary through the region leaving mild but dry conditions for most on Thursday except for a North Country shower, then a beautiful weekend!

More classic mid-summer weather looks to build early next week, along with an increased chance of scattered thunder in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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