‘Dumbfounded': Passengers Shocked to Learn at Airport That Airline No Longer Exists

Imagine waiting for your flight at the airport when you realize your airline doesn't exist anymore.

That's what happened to Emmy Hendrix.

"We didn't really know that until you just told us," said Hendrix. "That's sad and scary."

Hendrix and Jolee Bosserman are traveling together to Paris.

They booked their plane ticket with Primera Air for $300 each, but the airline no longer exists.

"I'm kind of dumbfounded right now," said Bosserman. "I don't even know how to react."

Primera Air shut down Monday afternoon.

"We would like to thank you for your loyalty," read a statement on their website. "On this sad day we are saying goodbye to all of you."

Samira Francois didn't get the message until she tried to scan her passport at Logan Airport.

"They said there's no flight," said Francois.

Primera Air took off in 2003, and its sudden landing came without warning.

The airline was touting new flights as recent as last month and a video posted to their YouTube page says "2018 is a big year for us."

Brennan Klein is in graduate school at Northeastern University. He is grounded in Greece.

He was able to get a refund from his travel agency, but it will not cover the cost to get back home.

"I imagine there are people who have it much worse than I do," said Klein. "I'm fortunately going to probably be back in Boston tomorrow, I think."

Virgin Atlantic is offering reduced prices for flights to passengers impacted by the closure.

Primera Air did not leave a phone number or email for customers to call to get help. When asked for a comment, the airline responded: 

"Unfortunately, as Primera Air has ceased operations and all the employees are let go, the press office isn't available any longer."

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