Dump Truck Crashes Through Roof of Quincy Parking Garage

No injuries have been reported

Officials say a dump truck fell through the roof of a multilevel parking garage in Quincy, Massachusetts, on Wednesday.

The incident was reported before noon at Furnace Brook Parkway and Copeland Street.

The truck's driver had entered a parking garage and was trying to make a U-turn on its top level when the weight of the vehicle caused a collapse. The driver said he'd entered the garage after following directions on a GPS app.

Craig Crowtow had been inside the garage when the incident happened.

"We heard a loud bang. Came running out," Crowtow recalled. "I asked what happened. He said he pulled in, he needed to turn around and next thing you know he fell through he ceiling."

A photo tweeted out by Quincy police showed the rear of the dump truck partially through the floor of the parking garage. Several other vehicles were in the area, and the parking garage was cordoned off with police tape.

The truck was filled with gravel that spilled onto a lower level of the garage.

Tom Feenan, one of the property's trustees, said multiple businesses use the complex and garage. When Feenan heard about the incident, he was more than surprised.

"I said, 'you've got to be kidding me.' It should have never been brought on the deck," Feenan said speaking of the truck.

The garage holds more than 200 spaces and now 40 vehicles remain trapped on the lower level of the garage until the truck can be removed.

"My car is stuck and I can't go nowhere," Lillian Bonilla said. "I only peeked a little bit. Took a picture. It's OK."

"I can't get out until it's structurally sound for me to pull it out," Jackie McCarthy added.

No injuries were reported.

An investigation is ongoing. Authorities hope to remove the truck by Thursday.

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