New England

Dunkin' Introduces ‘Next Generation' Coffee Drinks

The Shakerato, cold brew latte and cafe au lait are available at select locations

Dunkin' is rolling out three new coffee drinks at select locations. 

The chain announced that the Shakerato, cold brew latte and cafe au lait would be available at its 300-plus "next-generation" restaurants across the country beginning Wednesday. 

The Shakerato is described as a "bold beverage" with two shots of sweetened espresso, swirled to create a cold foam layer; and the cold brew latte combines Dunkin' Cold Brew with the creaminess of a latte. The cafe au lait combines dark roast coffe with steamed milk for "a rich and creamy coffee beverage."

Dunkin' first debuted its next-generation store concept in January 2018 in Quincy, where the company was founded in 1950.

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