Duxbury Dad Releases Statement, Asks People to Forgive His Wife Who Allegedly Killed Kids

Lindsay Clancy allegedly killed the couple's three children, Cora, Dawson and Callan, at their home in Duxbury, Massachusetts

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Patrick Clancy is speaking out for the first time, one day after it was announced his baby had succumbed to his injuries, and several days after his other two children died, allegedly at the hands of their mother in their Duxbury, Massachusetts, home.

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The South Shore dad had remained silent while his wife, Lindsay Clancy, has been in police custody at a Boston hospital following the tragic incident last Tuesday at the couple's Summer Street home.

Patrick Clancy released his first public statement on Saturday, addressing the tragedy that occurred at his Duxbury, Massachusetts, home last Tuesday, where his wife allegedly killed the couple's three children: Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and Callan, 8 months.

His wife, a 32-year-old Massachusetts General Hospital employee and Connecticut native, is facing two counts of homicide, three counts of strangulation and three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. She is suspected of strangling their older children -- Cora, 5, and Dawson, 3.

Authorities haven't said how 8-month-old Callan died, but he was pronounced dead on Friday at Boston Children's Hospital after having been hospitalized with what prosecutors initially described as "evidence of harm." Prosecutors haven't said if they would seek a third count of homicide, or any other new charges in the case.

Days after the deaths of his two siblings, an 8-month-old baby has also died, allegedly at the hands of their mother.

Patrick Clancy is the one who called 911 shortly before 6:15 p.m. Tuesday to report his wife had attempted suicide. When first responders showed up at the home, they found Lindsay Clancy, along with the three children, unconscious and with obvious signs of trauma, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz has said.

The killings have rocked the South Shore community of Duxbury, with many wondering what could possibly drive a mother to allegedly kill her three children who have been described as having a "beautiful life."

Patrick Clancy talks about his wife

On Saturday, Patrick Clancy addressed speculation around his wife's mental health, saying in a statement that she's recently been portrayed "largely by people who have never met her and never knew who the real Lindsay was."

He went on to say that her "condition" had recently rapidly worsened, though he did not specify what she was struggling with.

Authorities have not commented on a possible motive in the case or on the mom's mental state, but sources have told NBC10 Boston that Lindsay Clancy was living with postpartum depression.

"Our marriage was wonderful and diametrically grew stronger as her condition rapidly worsened. I took as much pride in being her husband as I did in being a father and felt persistently lucky to have her in my life," he said. "We mutually understood the reality that people can have bad days, but we stuck to the rule that when one of us got lost, the other was always there to bring them home, always. She loved being a nurse, but nothing matched her intense love for our kids and dedication to being a mother. It was all she ever wanted. Her passion taught me how to be a better father."

Patrick Clancy also said he has forgiven his wife for what she allegedly did, and asked others to "find it deep within" themselves to do the same.

"The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone - me, our kids, family, friends, and her patients. The very fibers of her soul are loving," he wrote. "All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace."

The Duxbury community is in shock after two young children were killed, and a third injured, allegedly by their mother.

Patrick Clancy grieving

Patrick Clancy said "shock and pain is excruciating and relentless," noting he is constantly reminded of his kids, and with the little sleep he is getting, he dreams about them "on repeat."

"A lot of people have said they can’t imagine and they’re right, there’s absolutely nothing that can prepare you," he wrote. "Any parent knows, it’s impossible to understand how much you will love your kids until you have them. The same goes for understanding the devastation of losing them. Cora, Dawson, and Callan were the essence of my life and I’m completely lost without them."

"My family was the best thing that ever happened to me. I took so much pride in being Lindsay’s husband and a dad to Cora, Dawson, and Callan," he added. "They gave me purpose and I never took it for granted. There is now a massive void where that purpose once was."

The grieving father went on to describe each of his children, remembering what was so special about Cora, Dawson and Callan.

Cora Clancy

Patrick Clancy remembered his daughter Cora for her "infectious laugh" and said she was "stunningly beautiful."

"She was the cautious one, but it was really because she was so caring. She used to say she wanted to be a doctor and a mama when she grew up and she would practice by giving Callan check ups. If she was leaving the house to go somewhere, she would pick someone to take care of Caroline and Charlotte, her baby dolls. She had all the doll accessories available, so her sitters were well-equipped. Before she turned 2, she was already wrapping them in perfect swaddles. We would tell her she’s such a 'good little mama.' She loved all babies, both real and pretend."

She also loved sloths, unicorns, tea parties, going to lunch with Nana and Grandpa, and giving presents to people, Patrick Clancy added of his daughter.

"She knew everything about princesses, her favorite being Sofia the First. She truly loved her brothers and us and said it often in her sweet voice. We did a lot of father-daughter activities together, like skiing and visiting San Francisco or just talking. I loved her, my first born, so much."

"I think being here with other people is going to make me feel better, but more importantly, the family of these children," said Diane Monaghan of Duxbury. "Maybe it will help that they know the community is behind them."

Dawson Clancy

Patrick Clancy said his middle child had "beautiful, bold, brown eyes that beamed with friendship."

"He was naturally humorous and generous beyond the norm of a typical toddler, always willing to share his toys with others. For all the love he received, he always gave back more. His best quality was his pure kindness. He loved trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, 'worker guys' and being outside. He was adventurous and mischievous and enjoyed causing trouble, which he typically found hilarious. He was also remarkably smart. We always said if we didn’t save enough for retirement, it’ll be ok - we’ll just live in Dawson’s guest house," Patrick Clancy shared.

He added that Dawson would hug him tighter than most adults and every night he told him in consistent words at bedtime, without fail, “goodnight dada, I love you.”

"We had a special bond from day 1. He was my buddy, my first boy, and truly a gift."

Callan Clancy

Patrick Clancy remembered his third child as the "easy going one."

"I always said it was because he was the third child - he had to adapt and he did easily. He was born with hardly any fuss and was by far our best sleeper. He was just an incredibly happy and vibrant baby, constantly smiling. Our nickname for him was 'Happy Callan.'"

"He was sitting on his own and you could tell he was enjoying his growing independence as he would grab any object within reach. Sometimes he joined my Microsoft calls in the background, playing in his jumpy. I would keep my camera on, too proud to leave it off. He started saying 'Dada' whenever I walked in the room. The last moment we had together was our routine. I would come up from my office at the end of the day and swing him between my legs while he laughed and smiled."

"If I was ever having a bad day, Callan always knew how to heal me. Perhaps that’s why he held on a little longer - to spare me whatever pain he could. As excruciating as it was, I was fortunate and grateful to feel his warmth until his very last moment. Faith is my only hope of believing he felt mine," added Patrick Clancy, noting that Callan died "with enormous courage despite being so little."

"Maybe it was his way of demonstrating what I need to do to press forward. I’ll always try to draw inspiration from him. He’ll always be my little hero."

Family members and people in the community expressed shock and grief Wednesday as details about the killings came to light.

Outpouring of support

Patrick Clancy thanked everyone for the outpouring of love and support, noting the warmth he has received has been palpable and the generosity shown to him gives him hope that he can focus on "some sort of healing." He added that he sees and appreciates everyone's messages and contributions.

"I promise I’ll put all my energy into healing and rediscovering my purpose. I owe that to all of you, Duxbury fire and police, our compassionate healthcare workers, our local faith leaders, the Microsoft community, and especially Cora, Dawson, and Callan," he wrote. "I don’t know how or when I’ll be able to do it, but your love and generosity will help me get started. I know that love always wins."

"Cora, Dawson, and Callan, you gave me so much in your short time here," he concluded his statement. "I don’t know if the pain will ever go away, but I’ll do my best to carry on in your honor. Dada loves you so much and will always remember you."

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