Mass. Coastal Residents Stranded After Pair of Nor'easters

For days, many residents living on Massachusetts' South Shore have had their yards and parts of their homes underwater due to the high tide brought in by last week's nor'easter.

Friday's storm broke the seawall in Duxbury, and another nor'easter hit as the area was recovering. Fire crews have been pumping out water from the Kentucky Road area at 1,500 gallons a minute.

Getting around has still been stressful for those who have had several feet of water sitting outside their homes for days.

"The hardest part is you can't see what you're stepping on," said Charlotte Caroll. "It's just difficult not having any way to get around. You're used to coming and going all the time and you can't do that. We get in and out once a day at low tide. We're able to walk through with our boots. It's been confining."

The fire department says the water should be removed in the next few days.

In the meantime, kids who live in the neighborhood are being picked up by the fire department for school.

"We actually went in with our high water truck, pulled up to their house, got them in and brought them out here so they could get to school," said Captain Rob Reardon of the Duxbury Fire Department.

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