Duxbury Police Investigate Possible Shooting of Cruiser

Police in Duxbury, Massachusetts, think someone may have fired a gun at a police cruiser out on the road last week, and now they're trying to figure out exactly where and when this may have happened.

The damage was noticed over the weekend when an officer was conducting a pre-shift inspection of his assigned cruiser and noticed the marks between the driver's side window and the rear passenger window.

The damage appeared to be caused by a high velocity strike from a projectile of some kind, according to Duxbury Police.

Investigators believe the cruiser was hit sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning when it was out on the road, although the officers assigned to the car did not report any unusual activity.

Fragments of what was left of the projectile were removed from the damaged area and taken to a Massachusetts State Police lab for testing.

The results from the lab indicate that lead was present, suggesting the projectile likely came from a firearm, according to a release from the Duxbury Police Department.

Investigators are now retracing the steps of the officers that night to look at what calls they responded to and narrow down where this incident may have happened.

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