EARLY LOOK: What We Know About Next Week’s Snow Chance

It looks like parts of New England will see snow on Tuesday into Wednesday

So far it’s been a winter of two extremes. Record snowfall in parts of Northern New England, with hardly a flake in Southern New England.

The next system to impact New England could very well follow a similar pattern to those that have come before it this year — that is to say the most snow falls north, with some mixing or rain farther south.


One thing that we know so far is the timing. This system is likely to impact New England Tuesday into Wednesday of next week.

We also know that there will be at least some snow.


We still don’t know how much snow will fall with this storm, and how much rain or mixing takes place.

We also still have to nail down the exact start time on Tuesday, and end time on Wednesday.


The unknowns with this storm will be sorted out in the coming days, as its track comes into better view.

If this storm is like many others we’ve seen this winter, and right now the odds favor that, much of New England would start with at least some snow for a time on Tuesday. Then, as the storm comes closer, Southern New England will change to, or mix with, rain by Wednesday.

The mountains, and areas north and west of Boston in general, would have the best chance of stay all or mostly snow.

If the storm were to track farther north than it looks right now, even less snow would fall.

By contrast, a track that takes the storm a bit farther south would leave more cold in place across New England, inviting the potential for more snow in places like Boston.

We’ll know more in the coming days.

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