Get Ready: Early Week Storm Could Bring Snow to Parts of New England

Our next storm has shown up on our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast

Friday’s wintry chill is delivering wind chill values of 20 to 30 degrees at even the warmest time of the day as the combination of high temperatures around 40 and wind speeds of 15 to 25 mph make for a chilly impact on the body.

In the midst of winter, a day like this would be at least par for the course if not a welcome day, but coming as the coldest air of the young season and the coldest wind chill we’ve experienced in months, it’s a bit of a shock to the system.

The wind will die gradually Friday night, but a clear sky and chilly airmass will mean near-record cold temperatures in some spots, including Hartford, Connecticut. Regardless, lows in the teens and 20s will send nearly all mosquitoes – as far as the immediate South Coast communities – to their death or hibernation, effectively ending the EEE threat that lingered in southern New England.

Saturday’s high temperature won’t be much warmer than Friday, but it’ll feel warmer for the simple reason that the wind will be far lighter – not imperceptible, but light enough that wind chill won’t be much of a factor.

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There’s some irony in the fact that Sunday sees milder temperatures in the 50s: the milder air comes courtesy of a southwest breeze, which does drive the thermometer reading up, but reintroduces wind chill and limits just how much better the air will feel, particularly with increased cloud cover.

Our next storm has shown up on our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast for days and still looks to move in sometime later Monday and last through Tuesday, likely bringing a combination of rain and snow with the greatest chance of snow starting north, but a possibility for mixing or a change even in southern New England by the storm’s end, depending on its track.

Behind the early-week storm comes a midweek blast of cold air that should be even colder than the one we’ve ended this week with!

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