Eight Co-workers at North Shore Medical Center Birthplace Are Expecting

These soon to be moms are due just months a part

A hospital in Salem is experiencing a baby boom among its staff.

Eight co-workers at the North Shore Medical Center Birthplace are all expecting around the same time. Six nurses, one obstetrician and one unit secretary are all due within the next five months.

Seven of the soon-to-be moms will be giving birth right at the North Shore Medical Center Birthplace where they work. 

A representative from North Shore Medical Center said that while they are all in different stages of their pregnancies, they have each received the same outpouring of support, kindness and care from their colleagues.

"It's been amazing to go through my pregnancy with my co-workers, who are like my family," said Calia Kelley, one of the expecting moms.

The first of the eight babies is due at the end of the month, and the last one is due in February.

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