‘I Know How to Win': Elizabeth Warren Campaigns in New Hampshire on Labor Day

'How about we start with, I know how to fight and I know how to win,' Warren responded when asked if she can really beat Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren spent Labor Day on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, drawing a crowd of 800 to a backyard in Hampton Falls.

Granite State voters are starting to narrow down their choices in the presidential race and Linda Rhodes of Durham summed up one of the top decision making criteria: "I was kind of on the fence with her because I was kind of worried about her electability."

It’s a concern Rhodes took straight to Warren during the Q and A: "When I talk to friends and family and people all over the country, they say, 'we love Elizabeth Warren, we love her policies, but can she really beat Donald Trump?'"

"How about we start with, I know how to fight and I know how to win," Warren responded to Rhodes.

Warren is ready for the question and she makes no excuses for her bold, Republicans say radical, proposals. 

"I think what’s going to carry us as Democrats is not playing it safe. I think you’ve got to give people a reason to show up and vote and that’s what I’m doing," the senator said.

And there is another often-heard concern among the states most progressive democrats having trouble deciding between Warren and Bernie Sanders.


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NBC10 Boston's Alison King asked Warren, "At some point are you going to bag the 'nonaggression pact' and just start drawing more distinctions?"

"Bernie and I have been friends for many, many years. Long before I ever got into politics. And I don’t see any reason that that should change," Warren said.

With a solid number two or three position in the polls and consistently huge crowds, Warren clearly feels there is no need to take down her opponents… At least for now.

Despite the downpour, the backyard crowd stayed including hundreds who wanted selfies with Warren.

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