New Hampshire

Elizabeth Warren Looks to Sway Undecided Voters in NH

Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew hundreds to a picturesque farm just north of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, who came to hear the presidential candidate now consistently polling as one of the top three candidates in the state.

Warren told a version of her upbringing in Oklahoma and touched on familiar themes of corruption in government and her plan to fix it.

"The one thing I have to say is that Elizabeth Warren tells a story about the kind of America I want to live in," said Elizabeth Meehan, a graduate student who is deciding between Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Leo Lavoie, of Sugar Hill, who describes jo,se;f as a "die-hard Bernie" fan in 2016, says he finds himself shifting toward Warren.

"Elizabeth seems to be more genuine. She has a plan, as she's more than willing to tell you, and you could look up her plans," he said.

Sam Pointon likes that Warren supports the Green New Deal, but has also offered details on how she would pay for and implement it.

"I think she is, by far, the most pragmatic with her climate change plan," Pointon said.

Anne Glazebrook of Ashland said she "worked for Bernie" in 2016 but is "willing to switch over whenever it looks like it's necessary."

Glazebrook was one of many in the crowd split between Sanders and Warren.

"I think the democratic socialism is a real problem for Bernie, the label, and she calls herself a Democrat," said Glazebrook.

Warren doesn't appear at a campaign event without shaking every hand, which can take a very long time, but is the kind of retail politicking that is working for her.

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