Evening Showers, Thunderstorms Possible Tuesday

After the recent stretch of cloudy and cool weather, the sun was a welcome sight for New England on Monday and has been followed up by temperatures over 70 degrees for most of us Tuesday.

The exception to Tuesday's warmth has been northern New England, where highs reached the 70s Monday. Now, a cold front slicing south across the region has delivered clouds, scattered showers and cooler air to the North Country.

The cold front will continue pressing south across the remainder of New England Tuesday late day and evening, prompting showers from northwest to southeast. These showers will appear first in northern and central New England Tuesday afternoon, then in the southern region during the evening.

Embedded thunder is a possibility and perhaps an isolated strong wind gust here and there. Showers and thunder will come to a close by mid-to-late evening Tuesday, giving way to clearing sky during the overnight. The clearing will leave a fair sky Wednesday with a light enough wind for a sea breeze at the coast.

The next storm to approach will bring clouds and sprinkles Thursday with slightly more organized showers in northern New England, then a likely slug of rain Friday. The good news is Friday’s rain should exit in time for a great Saturday.

Dry air should be lingering into the start of Mother’s Day, though an increasing chance of rain by Sunday afternoon with exact arrival time to be determined.

Next week, showers will likely continue to impact New England both on Monday and around midweek, but you’ll find temperatures, on average, inching up in the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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